Welcome to Bjørnhollia
Foto: Kari Merete Horne

Bjørnhollia lies south in the Rondane range, with its sheltered valleys and splendid scenery. Variety is close at hand - summit hikes, strolls or fishing. The lodge is a gem; in 1984 it was awarded the Muncipality of Sel Architecture Prize for the best trekker facility in the mountains. You'll definitely feel at home here.


Bjørnhollia is staffed at Easter and in summer. In the off season during the rest of the year, it offers self-service lodging with 14 bunks, available by using the DNT cabin key. NOTE: Each year, both the staffed lodge and the self-service quarters are closed from 1 May to 10 June, the wild reindeer calving season.

Extended stays of two days or more may be booked directly at the lodge in season or by contacting the hosts in off season.


Beate Øygarden og Svein Aaseng

In season contact:

Address: Nord Atndalen, 2580 Folldal
Tel: +47 901 11 380, E-mail: bjornhollia@dnt.no

Off season contact:

Address: 2676 Heidal 
Tel: +47 901 11 380, E-Mail: bjornhollia@dnt.no


In summer, train to Koppang on the Røros Line or Ringebu on the Trondheim Line. Onward by bus to Straumbu. (Bus service from Ringebu to Straumbu only during the school summer holiday starting Midsummer Day.) From Straumbu (P) it's about 5 km in to Bjørnhollia. Private cars may be parked at Gammelgarden on National Road 27. From the car park, it's 8 km along a transport road to the lodge. In winter, by train or car to Atna/Koppang in the Østerdalen valley and by bus or car onward to the car park at Furulund Gård/Nesset. From there, there's a 6 km staked route to the lodge. Note: National Road 27, from the south from the junction with E6, may be closed due to bad weather in winter.